Sunday, September 23, 2012

miss me?

The Guy That Says Goodbye To You Is Out Of His Mind by Griffin House on Grooveshark

I disappeared, I know.
It happens.
        Especially when you are taking 16 credits, working, and teaching social studies at the local middle school.
Wait. What?

I’ll explain.

I moved back to school about three weeks ago, crazy right? I have a cute roommate named Paige.

She says Ya’ll in everyday conversations. She taught me how to long board. I’m not very good, but we spend 75% of our time at the skate park these days, soaking up the fall crisp breeze before it turns into the frozen tundra outside.

At first it was weird having someone in my room, having a private room last semester and all, but now it’s comforting. She’s great.

Classes are busy, busy, busy. I’m taking a class where I have to learn how to be a teacher by teaching. Rough times. The girl I team teach with cried on Friday. I need to work on my teacher voice apparently.

This semester seems to be moving a million times slower than the last one. I just want to be done with this semester. I want it to be Christmas time.
I live with four freshmen, they are all homesick. They remind me of myself two years ago. I let them all read my depression ‘I hate my life’ posts. I hope it helped.
I’ve never wanted pity from this blog. I’ve never wanted anyone to feel sorry for the girl in college. I’m sorry if it’s seemed that way.
I’m really okay. Promise.
Well, I crashed on the long board on Friday. Don’t tell Robin. It’s nothing, I’m just bruised and soar. I got whiplash though. Which is not very fun at all.
Other than that I’m really good, great actually.
How have you all been? I’ve lost a follower in my month of silence.
 School is school, conference is a’coming!
I’m loving this fall cardigan weather.
Tell me furry friends, how have you been?

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  1. I missed you. Of course... I missed you all summer when you were just in AF so that's pretty much how I roll. Life is good here. Yearbook is about to get crazy and that makes me excited and anxious. Our hoodies this year say, "sorry, but i "mustache" (must dash) to yearbook" with a mustache on it. It's fantastic with it's font mustaches on the back and it's "i'm sure you have a question but would you shave it for later?" hahaha :) Jealous of your longboarding even if it means crashing. As Xander always says, "Just get up like Mario!" We possibly play too much wii at our house... possibly but not likely.


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